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Varieties of Pineapples

Principal Varieties of Pineapples Produced

Through the effect of exporting companies and with the support of Government of Ghana and other non-governmental organizations and donors, the following varieties of pineapples are now available in Ghana in commercial quantities for export:

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Smooth cayenne: has large fruits (1,5 -2.5 kg) and suitable for fresh processing. The fresh is pale yellow, soft and juicy, with sugar of 13-19 o Brix. This variety constitutes over 80% of exports. Queen Victoria: has a small fruit of weight 0.5-1kg with a full yellow shell when ripe.  The pulp is crispy and sweet (14 to 18 o Brix) with an excellent flavor and shelf life. Exports from  this variety are about 2.5%.
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MD2: has medium to large fruit (1.3 - 2.5 kg) cylindrical fruits with an intense yellow color.  The clear yellow pulp is sweet, compact and fibrous.  It is high in sugar (15 -17o Brix) and ascorbic acid but lower in total acid than "Smooth cayenne".
Sugar Loaf: is characterized by conical fruit shape, pale color of flesh and sweet fruits with little acidity. Fruit size may rage from 0.5 – 1.5kg.  Production is concentrated in the Mfantseman District of the Central Region. Most fruits are for the local market.

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